Your guide to fewer conversations about MitID

Calls related to MitID account for 5-10% of all calls in Danish contact centers. In this article, we guide you through the different ways you can optimize your handling of these inquiries.

Worth knowing about MitID

As many customers cannot remember their customer number, MitID has proven to be a popular solution for, e.g., internet service providers, banks, and energy companies.

But before replacing classic logins with MitID, there are more considerations you need to take into account, as customers mention MitID or NemID in as many as 5-10% of all conversations in Danish contact centers.

Analysis from Capturi shows that such an increase in the number of calls about MitID does not necessarily mean that all inquiries are equally urgent or complex. Therefore, there are several initiatives you can take if you want to reduce the number of calls.

Update your self-service solutions regularly

One way to minimize the number of MitID conversations is to update your self-service solutions regularly. For example, the energy company EWII used insights from their conversations to establish a new self-service solution.

How should self-service solutions be structured?

Our analyses show that some organizations structure their self-service as a guide, taking their customers by the hand. Others guide customers directly to the login page, reminding them that they need to open their MitID app manually because they will not receive a notification on their mobile or tablet.

How should you communicate?

When setting up a self-service solution or guiding customers directly at login, you should also consider whether you should make sure that all relevant information is available in English, as you cannot expect all customers to understand Danish.

Make sure the customer's problem has been solved

In most cases, it pays to set aside extra time to guide each customer all the way to the finish line. If you do not do so, there is an increased risk of repeat calls, as customers who mention MitID or NemID often have digital challenges and need some extra help.

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