Customer case: Apoex's journey from outsourcing to own customer center

The benefits of sharing valuable knowledge from your customer conversations

Every single day, customer service centers gain valuable knowledge from their customer conversations. This could include insights on how often customers mention specific topics, their opinions on particular products, or their experiences with the business' external communication.

Some customer service departments focus on continuously categorizing and conveying this knowledge to other departments. For example, a customer service center might suddenly receive more inquiries about technical issues than usual – but by sharing this knowledge on an ongoing basis, their technical department can quickly initiate necessary measures to prevent further calls.

Other customer service departments focus on sharing knowledge internally within the department to facilitate onboarding and coaching processes. This way, it becomes easier for employees to learn from one another, and the department also frees up valuable time that could instead be spent on creating better experiences for their customers.

In this case study, we zoom in on the internal knowledge sharing processes.

How Apoex halved the number of information searches in just one month

The Swedish pharmacy for healthcare providers Apoex had long outsourced their customer service. But at the beginning of 2023, they decided to establish their own internal customer center.

So in February 2023, they onboarded a new team of agents who were immediately given access to Capturi's conversational AI platform. This allowed all newly hired customer service agents to listen to good examples of successful conversations early in their employment and learn from them.

At the same time, the management created a dashboard designed primarily to offer a continuous overview of which agents most often seek information from colleagues or through systems. The management uses this knowledge to ensure that each employee receives the right help to improve their skills within specific areas.

The customer center's collective effort resulted in agents reducing their information searches in systems or among colleagues from 15% of all their conversations to only 6% of conversations.

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